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We have an         amazing display  of Sheridan         Air Guns this       time. Rifles and   accesories tell     the history of this great company.   The pictures do   not do this          display justice     stop in and see   it before it leaves in March

Bottom half of      Sheridan Display I would like to      thank the            customer that      brought this in, I  really look           forward to his      displays

This month we     have a great        display of Ruger  flap holsters from the late 1970's & 1980's

Everyone likes     cars.  VW's and  Hot wheels make the most out of the display, but a few other vintage die cast cars slipped in also

Last month we were lucky to have a beautiful display of Daisy lever action .177 BB rifles. These were manufactured in several different models and were meant to replicate the Winchester model 1894.

Randy is always looking for more Daisy rifles and accessories to add to his collection. If you have an item you would like to sell please call us here at the store.

Last month was YO YO Month. We have a nice display of modern and vintage YO YO's and associated items. If you have YO YO's you would like to sell, bring them by and we will make you an offer.

Check out the wide variety of YO YO's and accessories on display this month.  

Last  Month we had a very nice display of Titanic Memorabilia brought in by Vickey Gearring. Her collection is extensive and this is just a fraction of the items she has gathered over the years.

Because of her vast knowledge of the ship and the doomed voyage she is known as the "Titanicologist". Vickey conducts informative presentations throughout the Treasure Valley both in schools and for private organizations.

If you would like more information on the Titanic or Vickeys presentations you can reach her at 208-377-3201.

Visit her website at: http://www.OneTitanicLady.com

Prior months display contained  a nice variety of vintage holsters. We thank our customers who contribute their items to add to these displays.

The top shelf has a C96 Mauser Broomhandle with the Shoulderstock Holster. With it is a really nice Iver Johnson Safety Hammerless in its Original Holster From the Early 1900's. The Second Shelf has Military Holsters from the Indian Wars through Vietnam.  

On the top shelf is an Arvo Ojallo Buscadero Rig. Arvo was famous for making the holsters for TV westerns like Gunsmoke. The second shelf contains Made in Idaho Holsters from Makers Eubanks and Idaho Leather Company.

On the bottom shelf is a nice group of classic Bruckheim made holsters along with several flap type holsters.

A nice display of American Military visor caps. Included in the display are the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.  These caps range from WWII to present. We are proud of our Military and thank all our troops past and present for their service to our great country. God bless you all. 

Here is an Army dress blue uniform cap and two field grade officers caps with the scrambled eggs on the visor.

Far left is a WWII German Luftwaffe Officers Cap. Thanks to our friend Mitch for teaching us that Marines don't have caps they have covers.

A past  Month's display was a collection of memorabilia from the old days of hotrodding in the treasure valley. Intakes and carbs from the model A to the flathead V-8's give a picture of racing in the Boise area.  Our thanks to Steve M for helping us with this display.

A collection of memorabilia from the old days of hotrodding in the treasure valley. Intakes and carbs from the model A to the flathead V-8's give a picture of racing in the Boise area.  Our thanks to Steve M for helping us with this display.

A past display of Kuna's finest Pinewood derby cars from this years race. This years derby was a great success and alot of fun was had by all participants.

The mouse drove the cheese wedge to a first place finish this year. Also shown is the second place thunderbird car.

Another group of creative racers.  Nice orange tires to round out the BSU color scheme.

The cheesemobile surrounded by the Fast attack vehicle and the red convertable.

Our second place winner and fellow racers. The general lee rides again.

Pink polka dots and a big rear spoiler are the highlights of this group.

Reloading Manuals and Equipment from an Earlier Day

This month we are displaying a variety of reloading manuals from the past. The grouping includes 1950's PO Ackley books as well as Speer, Lyman, and Herders manuals. Old powder cans and equipment add to the flavor of reloading 50 years ago. 

     A History of Coleman Lanterns and Accessories

Oct/Nov we had in the case a very interesting display of Coleman lantern products through the years. From camping to barn and poultry house lighting, Coleman has produced an interesting array of lanterns. Stop by and check out this wide variety of lanterns and accessories. Our thanks to our good friend M.R. for his help with this display. We are buying old Coleman products. If you have some for sale please call us at 208-922-1180.

A History of Military Items World War 1 thru the War in Iraq

September  Personal items from a local  Iraq war veteran and purple heart recipient start off the display. Our thanks to Jared for his service and sacrifice for our country. WWII German helmets, armbands, assorted medals, and campaign shields make up the next two shelves. On the bottom are a sampling of cannon shells, a Japanese bomb fuse, and a German medal and award document from the Russian front.  WWI Prussian, Belgian and French helmets sit above an Army Air Corp jacket and cap on the right side of the case.