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These Pistols are in stock in our store. We update this inventory listing weekly to reflect any changes. 

Please call 208-922-1180 for additional information on any of these used guns.

Colt SAA            44 special           Early 3rd gen      $1495

Kahr CT380         380 acp              New                   $379

Ruger                 Bearcat              Old Model           22lr                    $399

Colt 1873 SAA    38-40         

Ruger MKII          22lr                    50 year               $399

Ruger  Vaquero   45 colt  4"           $649

Ruger Vaquero    45 colt                $549

Ruger Standard   22lr                    $349

Ruger SP101      22 lr                   $489

Browning            Buckmark 22lr     nice wood grips   $339

Colt Woodsman  1st model           22lr                    $699

Merwin & Hulbert pocket model      38s&w

Hi Standard         HD Military          22lr                    $399

Stoeger              Cougar               40s&w                $349

Astra A75           45acp                 $359

Ruger 9E            9mm                  $349    NEW

Stevens 10          22lr single shot    $429

Astra Cub        22 Short.          Has   extra  magazine $279.00

Colt                    Match Target       22lr                    $1269

Please call 208-922-1180 for additional information on any of these  guns we have in stock.