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We Buy Military War Relics any Country any War. Bring your items buy our shop for a quote.

We are always looking to buy Military Pistols. Lugers, P38's, Walther PP and PPK's, 1911's and 1911A1's. All types of Military Handguns Wanted!!!!

Always Buying Military Rifles of all types. All  Countries Wanted.  Springfields, Enfields, Mauser K98, Japanese Type 99, Sniper, Paratrooper, Carbine. 

We have a variety of military items for sale. We are always looking to buy original war relics from any country and any war. Especially interested in WWI/WWII German items. Hats, helmets, swords knives, daggers, medals, insignia, uniforms, field gear etc.... Shooters is also buying military weapons of all types. Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Flare Guns and other weapon types are always of interest to us. We would also like to purchase military scopes, holsters, stocks, gun parts, pieces and accessories. Call us for more information.

A German Heer Panther Head Sword. Sword has the eagle and swastika emblem of the German army and is in great condition. We are always looking to buy Swords, Daggers, Knives, Bayonets and accessories.

We like insignia of all types from all countries. This group is from the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division. 

This Luftwaffe dagger is a beautiful piece showing the patina of 65+ years of storage. This dagger was brought back by a WWII veteran.

Flags and Banners are always welcome here at Shooters. This is a Guidon from the 18th Field Artillery Regiment.

The bigger brother of the above dagger the Luftwaffe flyers sword.

Field Gear is also something we are always looking for. This is a M1923 Cartridge Belt with First aid Pouches and a 1911A1 45 Holster.